Comparison of Serum Probrain Natriuretic Peptide (ProBNP) Levels in Migraineurs and Hypertensive Migraineur Patients

  • Sana Qanber Abbasi
  • Ejaz Ahmed
  • Rabia Sattar
Keywords: Hypertension, Serum pro BNP, Migraine, Hypertensive migraineurs


Migraine being one of the common and disabling causes of headaches, has been described by World Health Organization as close to quadriplegia and dementia.Among the headache complaint visitors in the emergency department, the most common are those suffering from migraine. (1) Alinear correlationhas been found between rising serum pro BNP levels and Cardiovascular pathologies especially those involving left ventricular dysfunction which may depict a probable association between migraine and CVD. To compare the levels of serum pro Brain natriuretic peptide (pro BNP) between migraineurs and hypertensivemigraineurs. It was a cross sectional comparative study in which serumpro BNP levels were measured in migraine patients and hypertensive patients with migraine. A blood sample of 3 cc was drawn from the median cubital vein after securing aseptic measures. The blood sample was allowed to clot for 30 minutes and serum was separated. The serum was then centrifuged andpro BNP levels were estimated by ELISA using Human pro BNP kit. Patients’ history and recorded blood pressure was documented on a questionnaire. The results were analyzed using SPSS 21. One way ANOVA and Independent sample T test were applied to compare the proBNP levels. A P-value of < 0.05 was taken as significant. Serum pro BNP levels were raised in migraine patients and also in hypertensive patients with migraine (p-value 0.00). Serum pro BNP levels were found to be raised in both migraineurs and hypertensive migraineurs but the increase was not equal.