Comparative Study of Fracture Shaft of Femur in Children Treated with Titanium Elastic Nail and Early External Fixator

  • Mohammad Iqbal
  • Sajid Manzoor
  • Ghulam Murtaza Cheema
  • Ejaz Ahmed


Background:  Although incidence of femoral shaft fracture in children is less than 2%, treatment of fracture shaft of femur is controversial. Material and Method:  In this study we divide 30 patient in to two groups blindly and treat group I with retrograde titanium elastic nail (TEN) and group II with early external fixator. We have followed these patients for nine months and compile their results after noting the time of union, weight bearing and also the parents satisfaction with a questionnaire.  Results:  Duration of hospital stay was 4.7 days in group I and 2.8 days in group II. All the fractures healed satisfactorily. The average time for healing in the group I was 43.4 days and 70.26 days in group II. The average time for full weight bear-ing along with external fixator was 26 days while for group I was 42.7 days. Parents are more satisfied with intramedullary TEN. Conclusion:  TEN is better option than that of external fixator for the management of fracture shaft of femur in children. Patients and their parents are more satisfied with TEN as compare to heavy external fixators.