Effects of Aloe Vera in Local Massage Oils in Alternative Medicine for the Treatment of Joint Pains: A Double Blind Study

  • Innayat Ullah Arain
  • Amina Husnain
  • Aisha Talat
Keywords: Massage Oil, Aloe Vera, Analgesia.


AbstractIntroduction:  Aloe vera has been reported to have effects upon skin, joint pains and diabetes but without scientific evidence. It has never been studied in isolation as a single drug. Our study was a small study to study the symptom lowering effects of Aloe Vera gel when used in combination with a topical massage oil.Patients and Methods:  A prospective double blind interventional study was conducted with patients of osteoarthritis knee randomized in two groups of patients (20 in each). Both groups were given topical oil for massage over the affected joints. They were provided oral analgesic tablets in fixed numbers and during follow up Visual analogue score and number of tablets used was taken as measure of alleviation of symptoms.Results:  Both groups comprised of 20 subjects each and had similar characteristics for age/sex/laterality of joint involved. The epidemiological characteristics of the groups were similar. Group – A used Topical Mas-sage Oil without addition of Aloe Vera Gel while Group B used the same oil with addition of the gel. It was observed that patients who had been given massage oil with addition of Aloe Vera gel showed less use of oral analgesics during study period and their VAS scores were less as compared to the Group – A who were using the same massage oil but without Aloe Vera Gel.Conclusion:  Aloe Vera as local application seems to improve pain relief and decrease oral analgesic use in patients of osteoarthritis knees who are being treated with local massage oils of alternative medical origin. Further studies need to be done to reach a conclusion.Key Words:  Massage Oil, Aloe Vera, Analgesia.
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