• Rukhshan Khurshid
  • Shahnaz Akhtar
  • Aisha Talat
  • Amir .
  • Asima Malik


Abstract Patients with tuberculosis are easily exposed to other infections especially of staph aureus due to lack of immunity. Aims and Objectives:  Study was designed to identify the presence of staph in sputum of patients as this micro-organism may interfere with the treatment of patients. Study also tried to find out the most suitable antibiotic effective against staph aureus. Methodology:  Sputum samples of 50 patients with tuberculosis were taken for the presence of staph aur-eus from Feb 2014 - May 2014. Patients were taken from out Door Department of Chest Clinic of Sir Gan-ga Ram Hospital. Patients provided consent prior to assessment. Identification of S. aureus was confirmed by a positive catalase and coagulase test. Susceptibili-ties were carried out by standard disk diffusion method using antibiotic multidisc containing augmentin (30 ug), gentamicin (10 ug) and ciprofloxacin (5 ug). At the end of incubation, the diameters of the zones of in-hibition were measured by ruler. Results:  Mean age of male patients was 32.22 and of female was 36.41. BMI of male was 19.66 kg/m2 and of female patient was 17.5 Kg/m2. 100% male and female patients showed the presence of catalase posi-tive staph aureus. Sensitivity of ciprofloxacin against the strains of Staph aureus was 27.7% in male and 41.6% in female patients. Sensitivity of gentamicin against the strains of Staph aureus was 50% in male and 25% in female patients. Among three antibiotics augmentin showed highest resistance against the staph aureus i.e. 78% in case of male and 66% in female patients. Conclusion:  A high prevalence of staph aureus in sputum of TB patients is alarming which may be due to polluted environment and week immunity. Effective antibiotic against the strains of staph aureus is genta-micin in male and ciprofloxacin in female sputum sample. Further studies are needed to confirm the high carrier rate as well as to evaluate the impact of staph aureus on morbidity and mortality among large num-ber both sexes of TB patients. Key Words:  Sputum, Staph aureus, tuberculosis.
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