Advanced Endoscopy Training in UK –what's in there for Pakistan?


  • Emaan Munir
  • Tehreem Saleemi
  • Haris Mahmood
  • Farooq Khan



Competency-based education, Patient-centreed approach, Performance benchmarking


Gastrointestinal endoscopy revolutionized the diagnostic as well as therapeutic paradigms of many gastrointestinal diseases. Advanced endoscopy procedures like ERCP and EUS have gained paramount importance in recent times. Structured training in basic as well as advanced endoscopy techniques is essential to boost the confidence of the trainee and ensure positive patient outcomes. This review article used the databases, published literature, and a large number of research journals to find out the latest data on the standards of advanced endoscopy training to improve patient care. To excel in the field of endoscopy, studies have established that an endoscopy trainee should be assessed based on his skill and expertise; not based on a particular number of procedures. The endoscopists must benchmark their performance against their peers to assess their competency. The training of endoscopists should be on real patients, in addition to practice on simulators. Also, training programs and curricula should be well structured. With advanced endoscopy being established across the world in patient-care, it is the need of the hour to establish standards and mechanisms for endoscopy training in Pakistan. The UK systems can offer a roadmap to achieve this goal.



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Munir, E. ., Saleemi, T. ., Mahmood, H. ., & Khan, F. . (2022). Advanced Endoscopy Training in UK –what’s in there for Pakistan?. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 28(2), 228-234.




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