Trends of Utilization of Family Planning Methods at Divisional Headquarter Hospital of Mirpur aj and k

  • Hina Zubair
  • Saima Perveen
  • Saeed Alam
  • Akkad Rafiq
  • Sara Ejaz
Keywords: Trends, Utilization, Family planning, Contraceptives


Controlling the population growth is one of the most feasible solutions to reduce burden on the country and it can be achieved by effective use of contraception. This study was designed to analyze the trends of utilization of different family planning methods in relation with socio-demographic factors at divisional headquarter hospital in a year time. A retrospective study was performed by analyzing one year records from family planning clinic at divisional headquarter hospital. At family planning centers, a total of 920 individuals attended the Reproductive Health Services from April 2015 to March 2016. Among them, 92% individual utilized temporary methods and only 8% utilized permanent methods. Regarding temporary solutions, a total of 299 (33%) selected intrauterine device, 233 (25%) had used injectable, 191 (21%) adapted oral contraception pills and 121 (13%) selected Barrier methods (condoms). Among permanent solutions, atotal of 76 (8%) had bilateral tubal ligation and no vasectomy. Investigations highlighted that males were not convinced to adapt male sterilization owing to social pressure of family. Findings of this study showed that the majority of the individuals are comfortable with the use of intrauterine contraception devices; howeverneed of the hour is to introduce awareness compaigns to educate general public for better use of contraception especially male partner as it is less invasive compared to female partner.