Contraceptive Use and its Trends in Rural Areas Of Punjab


  • Taimoor Akram Khan
  • Anam Farooq
  • Gohar Khan
  • Muhammad Nasir


Basic Health Unit(BHU), Contraception, Contraceptive, Age Groups



Contraception is the need of hour particularly in developing countries like Pakistan whose major crisis now-a-days is overpopulation, unachieved desired fertility rate and limited resources.


The objective of this study was to explore the trends in the choice of contraceptive methods and method preference in various age groups among females.


This Cross-Sectional study was conducted by using Basic Health Unit 14/1AL Renala Khurd,s Outdoor Patient Department database retrospectively. Non-probability Convenient sampling technique was used and all the females that sought advice regarding contraceptives from 1st January 2017 to 31st March 2017 (3 months) were included in the research and none were excluded.


Out of 460 females who visited the BHU to seek medical advice regarding use of contraception, 33 were already using some type of contraception and 427 came for the first time. Upon studying age distribution,217 females (47.2%) were between 21-30 years of age, 218 females (47.4%) were 31-40 years old, 11 females (2.4%) were 20 years or below and 14 females(3%) were above 40 years. After consultation with the doctor at the family planning clinic, 170 females (38.7%) opted for combined oral pills, 159(34.6%) chose condoms, 77(16.7%) chose (DMPA) injection, 38(8.3%) chose Copper T 380A IUCD, 8 females (1.7%) chose tubal ligation. None of the females chose progesterone only pill, Copper 375 IUCD, subdermal implant or vasectomy. After cross tabulating various methods opted for contraception with age groups of females, chi-square test was applied and a significant correlation was seen between these two with a p-value of 0.000


Awareness, availability, affordability, easy access and age of the female partner play a major role in the choice of contraceptive. Hence emphasis should be paid on public awareness and easy availability of these facilities in remote rural areas.



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