Comparison of Pregnancy outcome among Placenta Previa and Abruption


  • Shamsa Humayun
  • Fehmida Nahid



Placenta Praevia. Abruptio Placentae. Pregnancy Outcome. Cohort Studies. Cesarean Section, Repeat. Parity. Maternal Age. Pregnancy, High-Risk. Retrospective Studies.


The objective of study was to compare the pregnancy outcome among placenta previa& placental abruption. Study Design: A retrospective analysis of pregnancies complicated by placenta previa or abruption, from January 2003 to December 2003. Results A poor fetal outcome was more frequent in cases of abruption (56.6%) than placenta previa (20%) Prematurity was significantly high in abruption (63.3)%than in placenta previa (40%).cesarean section rate was high in placenta previa(98%) compared to (20%) in abruption. Renal failure PPH and cesarean hysterectomy were the major complications in both groups. Conclusion: Women with abruption had poor pregnancy outcome than placenta previa They were more likely to deliver prematurely with high neonatal morbidity and mortality. Operative delivery was more common in placenta previa.



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Humayun, S., & Nahid, F. (2016). Comparison of Pregnancy outcome among Placenta Previa and Abruption. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 11(1).




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