Chest X-Ray Abnormalities In Covid-19: Review Of 150 Cases From Tertiary Care Hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan


  • Aneela Chaudhary
  • Javeid Iqbal
  • Saima Chaudhary
  • Huma Batool
  • Munaza Javed
  • Muhammad Imran Aslam
  • Khalid Waheed
  • Shamsa Humayun



COVID-19, GGOS, Chest X-ray, Consolidation


Objective: To analyze the most frequent radiographic abnormalities in COVID-19 patients. Methods: In this multicenter retrospective study, chest X-ray films and reports of COVID-19 patients admitted between March 2020 and June 2020 in three tertiary care hospitals of Lahore were analyzed for abnormalities. Patients of age > 18 years with positive COVID -19 RT-PCR, who underwent X-ray chest at presentation were enrolled. The study included pregnant patients as well. Results: Total 150 patients fulfilling inclusion criteria were enrolled. There was male predominance with mean age 50 years. Chest X-ray were abnormal in 127 (98%) patients. Predominant pattern of lung involvement was bilateral lesions in 121(95%), left lower zone 89(70%), right lower zone 85(67%), right mid zone 57(45%), left mid zone 50(39%), and diffuse involvement in 36 (28%). GGOs was the most common lung lesion found in 53 (42%), followed by GGOs and consolidation combined. Peripheral distribution was noted in 36(28%), peripheral and peri hilar combined 58(45%), random 27(21%) and perihilar in 6(5%). Peri bronchial cuffing was seen in 23(18 %), reticulation 20(16%), nodular lesions 8(6%) pneumomediastinum (1.5%) and minimal pleural effusion 1(0.7%). Among 20 pregnant females, 15 (75%) had normal X- rays. All of abnormal CXR 5 (25%), had bilateral, mid and lower zone GGOs and consolidation. Distribution was random 3(60%), peripheral and perihilar combined 2(40%), patchy 1(20%) and confluent in 4(80%). Conclusion: The most predominant radiological features of COVID-19 in our population were bilateral, lower zone, patchy, pure GGOs or combined GGOs and consolidation with peripheral and perihilar distribution.



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Chaudhary, A., Iqbal, J., Chaudhary, S. ., Batool, H. ., Javed, M. ., Aslam, M. I. ., Waheed, K. ., & Humayun, S. . (2021). Chest X-Ray Abnormalities In Covid-19: Review Of 150 Cases From Tertiary Care Hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 27(2).




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