Study of frequency and responsible factors for post stroke depression in stroke patients coming to Mayo Hospital Lahore

  • Umair Javaid Ch
  • Salman S Osman
  • Somia Iqtadar
  • Waleed Zafar
  • Sana Shakil
  • Zunaira Zahoor
  • Javed Akram
Keywords: Stroke. Socioeconomic Status. Social Environment. Social Change. Paralysis. Mental Disorders. Depression. Depressive Disorder. Psychiatric Status Rating Scales.


Post stroke depression develops as a complication after stroke and impedes the recovery process. Different factors responsible for the development of depression include severity of paralysis, low functional and socioeconomic status and duration of stroke. Our objective was to find out the frequency and responsible factors for PSD in patients presenting to Mayo Hospital Lahore. In a descriptive design 174 patients were studied in out door clinics of Mayo Hospital Lahore. Depression was diagnosed on the basis of DSM IV and severity of stroke was evaluated on the basis of Barthel Index. Results showed that 37.9 % of patients had post stroke depression and majority of patients with PSD came with in first 3 months after stroke. We also found that there is a linear relationship (R2 = 0.844) between severity of stroke and PSD. Hence we concluded that PSD developed in almost one third of patients of stroke, is associated with duration and severity of stroke, developing more commonly with in first 3 months.