Ethics of Care and Daycares

Ethics of Care and Daycares


  • Saima Ahad



Ethics Daycares


Ethics is the branch of normative philosophy which deals with moral values. It has been struggling since thousands of years to answer the dilemmas like whether means employed are important or the end; intentions matter or the outcome; individual interests come first or the collective and in our own times we have seen the heated debates over issues like data privacy vis a vis security concerns; positive discrimination versus equality; extent of choice in planned parenthood (prochoice) vs prolife; euthanasia vs suicide and so on. Similarly, philosophers have been grappling with the idea of listing few basic ethics. In order to make the discussion structured, there have been enlisting of arguable virtues and then further segregating them between relative and absolute ones. This discourse led to ethical relativism, which argues that there are no right or wrong moral values in absolute terms but are contextually defined.



12/11/2023 — Updated on 01/16/2024


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