The Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Medical Law and Ethics among Doctors in a Tertiary Care Hospital

  • Quratul Ain Tahira
  • Sidrah Lodhi
  • Tasneem Haider
  • Sajid Abaidullah


Abstract Objective:  To assess the knowledge, attitude and pra-ctice regarding medical law and ethics among doctors of a medical unit in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Lahore. Study Design:  Descriptive cross - sectional study. Methodology:  A three part self - administered struc-tured questionnaire designed to test the knowledge and practices regarding medical law and ethics was distri-buted among doctors in a medical unit in Mayo Hospi-tal, Lahore during September - October, 2012. Results:  The 52 respondent doctors included in the study comprised of 20 (38.5%) house officers, 22 (42.3%) postgraduate residents and 10 (19.2%) consu-ltants. In keeping with the Pakistan Medical and Den-tal Council code of ethics, the correct responses of house officers, postgraduate residents and consultants regarding knowledge of medical law and ethics were respectively 50%, 27.3% and 10% for patient's auto-nomy, 40%, 36.4% and 10% for adhering to patient's wishes, 10%, 63.6% and 50% for breaching confiden-tiality, 35%, 36.4% and 0% for informed consent, 10%, 22.7% and 10% for doing best regardless of pati-ent's opinion, 5%, 31.8% and 10% for informing pati-ent's relatives, 15%, 4.5% and 0% for treating violent patients. The practical application part of the question-naire was a general reflection of the knowledge and attitudes. Conclusion:  Most of the doctors were poorly acqu-ainted with PMDC code of ethics. Key Words:  Medical law and ethics, autonomy, con-fidentiality.

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