Design and Layout of Standard Autopsy Suite


  • Arif Rasheed Malik King Edward Medical University
  • Ijlal Haider Rizvi Quaid E Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur
  • Sadaat Ibrahim King Edward Medical University


Autopsy suite, Post-mortem examination room, Mortuary/morgue facilities


The autopsy suite is the most disliked, underrated rather hatred and disrespected place in almost all hospitals and medical colleges or universities of this part of the world. It is almost completely devoid of basic facilities not only for the corpses but also for public and medical /paramedical staff working there. It is an established fact that it is in the least priority to spend budgetary amount on mortuary from the overall expenditure of any medical institute/hospital rather it is being considered an evil burden. Resultantly situation in autopsy suite is not in parlance with the advanced countries standards; this scenario is augmented by lack of interest of administrative authorities towards work of forensic medical examiner. Despite these lapses, some improvements emerge from court orders. Therefore, due to reasons mentioned supra, this lay out for the standard autopsy suite is proposed for medical institute/ hospitals of Punjab with the only intentions in mind to decipher some respect and up gradation of this disliked and ignored work.

Author Biographies

Arif Rasheed Malik, King Edward Medical University


Department of Forensic Medicine,

KEMU, Lahore

Ijlal Haider Rizvi, Quaid E Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur

Principal (ex),

Quaid E Azam Medical College,


Sadaat Ibrahim, King Edward Medical University

PG student,

FCPS part (2), Forensic Medicine

King Edward Medical University, Lahore




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