Psychological autopsy study of suicide pattern and its relationship to depressive illness


  • Khalid Aziz
  • Hakim Khan Afridi
  • Zawar Hussain Khichi



Suicide. Depressive Disorder. Risk. Autopsy. Societies. Risk Factors. Research. Suicide, Attempted. Schizophrenia.


Suicide with respect to the high risk individuals is emerging as an important entity in our society requiring research and evaluation. The following study was conducted at CMC Hospital Larkana by doing a psychological autopsy, to see the pattern of suicide and its relation to depressive illness. A total of 52 suicide cases were reported by police authorities for autopsy examination during the months of November 2002 to October 2004. The autopsy records of these cases were consulted along with the police inquest reports. The relatives were traced with the help of police records and interviews were held using a structured interview form with at least two informants including a near relative or a friend. The results demonstrate that the act of suicide is more prevalent in males than in females. The high risk age group is 30 - 39 yrs. Firearms and Hanging is the most commonly employed mean. Most of the victims were married. Only 4 were widow / widowers. The trimester from August to October occasioned for abou t 53.8% cases. 71% of the victims were assessed to be suffering from major depressive illness. Recognition of high risk individuals and their treatment at a psychiatric hospital may save precious lives. The study also calls to repeal the law concerning suicide.



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Aziz, K., Afridi, H. K., & Khichi, Z. H. (2016). Psychological autopsy study of suicide pattern and its relationship to depressive illness. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 12(1).