Splenic Hydatid, A Rare Presentation of Hydatid Disease

  • Qamar Ashfaq Ahmad
  • Muhammad Sarfraz Ahmed


A case of a young female is reported who presented with the complaint of a dragging sensation in the left hypochondrium and vague upper abdominal pain for the last couple of months. History and clinical examination gave the clinical suspicion of splenic hydatid. Ultrasonography and CT scan of the abdomen revealed a huge multvesicular cyst but they could not localize the exact site of origin and assigned it to arise between the tail of pancreas and spleen. The involvement of spleen was ascertained on exploratory laporotomy; Splenectomy was performed with an uneventful recovery. Preoperative and Post-operatively tab. Mebendazole was used to reduce recurrence. In conclusion, although rare but a high degree of suspicion should be there when splenic cyst is encountered.

Keywords:  Hydatid disease, Splenic hydatid, Ultrasonography, CT scan.

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Ahmad, Q. A., & Ahmed, M. S. (1). Splenic Hydatid, A Rare Presentation of Hydatid Disease. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 16(2), 129. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v16i2.198