Behcet`s syndrome with coronary arteritis

Behcet`s syndrome with coronary arteritis


  • Khurram Ahmad
  • Waqas Chishti
  • Jawwad Yusuf
  • Madiha Jawwad



Chest Pain. Behcet Syndrome. Dyspnea. Arthralgia. Coronary Artery Disease. Nitroglycerin. Gastrointestinal Diseases. Hypertension. Stomatitis, Aphthous.


Forty nine years old African American Female with Past medical h/o HTN, Behcet`s Syndrome since 1988 with recent flare up of disease with oral and genital ulcers, headache, arthralgia and gastrointestinal symptoms was referred to cardiology clinic with do chest pain for 4 days, reterosternal, non radiating,4/10 in intensity, no aggravation on exertion, relieved by SL nitroglycerine associated with mild SOB, nausea and diaphorersis. Patient denied tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs. Never had similar chest pain before. Review of system was unremarkable except for Behcet`s Syndrome flare up. Her medications were tenolol, Valsartan, Indocin, ASA, Lortab, Zoloft, Premarin, Triamatrene and Tagamet. Her family history was negative for coronary Artery disease. On physical exam pt was afbrile, heart rate 52/min,blood pressure 140/90, respiratory rate 16/min average built female 3-4 oral mucosal ulcers. Eye exam was unremarkable. Cardiac exam showed normal Sl and S2,no added sounds. Abdomen was soft, non tender and no hepatosplenomegaly. Her Right knee and both ankle joints were mildly tender without signs of effusion. Her genital exam revealed 2-3 small painful ulcers on labia minora. Rest of systemic exam was unremarkable.




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Ahmad, K., Chishti, W., Yusuf, J., & Jawwad, M. (2016). Behcet`s syndrome with coronary arteritis. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 11(4).



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