Effectiveness of Natural Apophyseal Glides Versus Grade I and II Maitland Mobilization in Non Specific Neck Pain

  • Shahzada Iftikhar Hussain
  • Ashfaq Ahmad
  • Freaha Amjad
  • Tariq Shafi
  • Hassan Anjum Shahid
Keywords: Nonspecific neck pain, Maitland mobilization, Mulligan mobilization, NPRS, NDI.


AbstractBackground and Introduction:  Mechanical mal-function of cervical spine is the usual cause of neck pain. Even though varied procedures have been suggested for maximizing neck movements and decreasing neck pain but mobilization of joints has been validated the most efficacious technique. The outcome of two manual therapy procedures i.e. Mulligan natural apophyseal glides and grade I and II Maitland mobilization in non-specific neck pain to reduce pain and recovery of function had been assimilated in this recent research.Methods:  It was a single blinded randomized control clinical trial. 50 patients having NSNP were chosen via simple number table and arranged into two groups as guided by CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) guidelines. In group A Mulligan mobilization NAGS was applied and in group B Grade 1 and II Maitland mobilizations were applied. Both groups also received conventional therapy Ultrasonic Therapy (ITO US – 100) in Continuous mode, frequency 1MHz, intensity 1.0 W/cm2 with 70% for 5 minutes and Short wave diathermy (ENRAF NONIUS Curaplus 970) in co-planer, continuous mode, frequency 27.12 MHz, wavelength 11 meters, for 15 minutes. Therapy was offered 4 times a week for absolute 4 weeks. Pain, disability were evaluated by NPRS (Numeric pain rating scale), NDI (neck disability index) scale. Assessment was done at 0, after 2 and 4 weeks of treatment. Independent-Sample T Test was applied. Level of significance was set at 0.05% rank.Results:  The results exhibited that The P-value for NDI in group A using Mulligan mobilization NAGS was 0.018 and for NPRS was 0.014 after four weeks of treatment which was less than the level of significance 0.05. So Mulligan mobilization NAGS was more effective than Grade 1 and II Maitland mobilization in nonspecific neck pain to decrease pain and restoration of function.Conclusion:  It was concluded that mobilization of Mulligan i.e. NAGS was more effective compared with mobilization of Maitland in Grade 1 and II in progressing NPRS and NDI scores in sufferers with nonspecific neck pain.Key Words:  Nonspecific neck pain, Maitland mobilization, Mulligan mobilization, NPRS, NDI.
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