• Rabia Wajid
  • Ghazala Huma
  • Iram Mobusher


AbstractBackground:  The incidence of Caesarean section is increasing day by day, which is usually conducted under spinal anesthesia. It is done on lower abdominal region and for this reason; the working of digestive system can slow down in the coming period. This is known as ileus, and is distressing for the patient but the way to prevent this problem, is there. One possible way of avoiding this consequence is chewing gum which tricks the body into thinking it is eating making the bowel start its function again.Objective:  To compare the effect of chewing gum as compared to no intervention for early recovery of bowel system after lower segment caesarean section at term.Methodology:  This randomized controlled trial was conducted on 100 females who were planned to undergo caesarean section. Informed consent was obtained and demographic details were noted. In group A, females were suggested to take chewing gum after 6 hours of surgery to chew for 60 minutes while in group B, females were not subjected to chewing gum. They were followedup in wards and time required for first bowel sound and first fecal discharge was noted and compared in both groups by using t-test.Results:  The mean age of females was 24.48 ± 1.99 years. The females presented at mean gestational age of 38.76 ± 0.87 weeks. The mean BMI of females was 25.49 ± 2.29 kg/m2. Total duration of surgery required for c-section including anesthesia time was 42.28 ± 2.38 minutes. After surgery, the mean duration bet-ween c-section and first onset of feeling of hunger was 11.38 ± 3.14 hours in chewing gum group and 16.84 ± 0.49 hours in control group. The mean duration bet-ween c-section and first bowel sound was 21.39 ± 0.68 hours in chewing gum group and in control group were 28.27 ± 0.60 hours. The mean duration between c-section and first passage of flatus was 25.94 ± 0.71 hours in chewing gum group and 32.00 ± 0.77 hours in control group. The mean duration between c-section and first defecation was 31.56 ± 0.81 hours in chewing gum group and 41.28 ± 0.80 hours in control group. The difference was significant and chewing gum group required less duration for feel of hunger, first bowel sound, passage of flatus and defecation than control group (p < 0.05).Conclusion:  In conclusion, use of chewing is effec-tive and beneficial in early recovery of females after caesarean section in terms of early return of bowel activities.Key words:  Bowel Sound, Caesarean Section, Chew-ing Gum, Digestive System, Fecal Discharge, Ileus.
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