• Iftikhar Ahmed
  • Iqbal Hussain Dogar
  • Anjum Medhi
  • Mahesh Gautam
  • Mahjabeen Masood




Introduction:  Abdominal TB is very common in third world countries with poor socioeconomic status like Pakistan. Majority of patients end up in intestinal obstruction and other complications and finally under-go surgery. Abdominal tuberculosis may be, enteric, peritoneal, nodal and solid visceral TB or in any com-bination of these four varieties. In some cases, res-ponse to therapeutic trials of anti-tuberculous drugs is the basis of diagnosis that may cause a delay in the diagnosis of other diseases which mimic abdominal tuberculosis. Therefore, diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis is an ongoing challenge to the physicians, espe-cially with limited resources. Ultrasound and CT are good diagnostic helping tools in diagnosis of abdomi-nal tuberculosis.

Objectives:  To compare the diagnostic accuracy of Computerized Tomographic and Ultrasonographic findings in Abdominal Tuberculosis considering His-topathology as gold standard.

Study Design:  Comparative cross sectional.

Setting:  Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Mayo Hospital Lahore.

Duration of Study:  Twelve months after the approval of synopsis, from June 2007 to May 2008.

Subjects and Methods:  50 patients with clinically suspected abdominal tuberculosis who were candidate for elective surgery were selected. History, examinat-ion and relative investigation were recorded and analy-zed with SPSS version 10.

Results:  CT is a better modality in finding ileocecal involvement, omentum involvement and para-aortic lymphadenopathy than USG and USG is slightly better in finding mesenteric lymphadenopathy than CT in abdominal tuberculosis.

Conclusion:  Although none is 100% accurate but there is difference in diagnostic accuracy of compu-terized tomographic and ultrasonographic findings in abdominal tuberculosis. In short combined together, these two modalities can be of great help in pre-opera-tive diagnosis of ATB and in decreasing the mortality and morbidity of the disease.

Key words:  Abdomen, Tuberculosis, Ultrasono-graphy, Computerized Tomography.

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Ahmed, I., Dogar, I. H., Medhi, A., Gautam, M., & Masood, M. (1). COMPARISON OF COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHIC AND ULTRASONOGRAPHIC FINDINGS IN ABDOMINAL TUBERCULOSIS. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 21(3), 187.



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