Hepatitis E Vaccination in Pakistan: Where Do We Stand






Hepatitis E is not something new when it comes to hepatology practice. We have been hearing it for years just like any other hepatitis but the troublesome dilemma is that we didn't have any vaccination for it until few years recently and the main treatment was conservative. It is obviously guided by monitoring of liver function tests. The magnitude of the problem is colossal and can trigger catastrophe. About 12 million people are the victims of Hepatitis B or C in our country and around 150,000 new cases are emerging annually. Hepatitis E has been affecting 3.3 million people all over the world. The numbers are huge in Pakistan where people do indulge in poor hygiene and the sanitation system is dismal serving as a root of all infective diseases and Hepatitis E is one of them.1


2023-01-09 — Updated on 2023-02-25


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