Children in Pakistan are dying! Who is Responsible?


  • Nimra Mumtaz
  • Rabiya Rasheed
  • Saima Gill
  • Nasir Islam Bhatti



Child mortality, Diarrhea, Water, WASH


Child mortality is a serious global issue with more than two thirds of neonatal deaths caused by conditions that are preventable and can be treated by simple interventions. Diarrhea is among the most common causes for neonatal mortality and poor WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene) is the biggest cause of diarrhoeal cases (90%). In Pakistan urbanization, industrialization, acute water shortage and population explosion adversely affect water quality. Furthermore, Pakistan faces the threat of acute water crisis due to climate change. This problem needs to be addressed. The child mortality rate can be reduced by focusing on optimisation of the direct interventions for diarrhoea. Also, improvement of WASH strategy, promotion of nutrition, vaccination, provision of properly treated water, ORT (Oral Rehydration Therapy), mass education and collaboration among departments would be effective. Together we can overcome these barriers to improve the child mortality rate.



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Mumtaz, N. ., Rasheed, R. ., Gill, S. ., & Bhatti, N. I. . (2022). Children in Pakistan are dying! Who is Responsible?. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 28(2), 241-246.




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