COVID-19 Vaccines


  • Saira Afzal
  • Mehreen Nasir





The fateful year of 2020 will go down the annals of history as the year during which global pandemic COVID-19 spread across the globe causing widespread confusion, panic, chaos and mayhem. As this respiratory disease-which primarily affects lungs and, in case of complications, many other organs of body-spread rapidly across the world, scientists and biologists began their hectic efforts to develop proto-cols for treatment and prevention of this disease. As is the case with all other viral diseases, the best tool that can save humanity from this ongoing pandemic is a potent vaccine. Realizing the urgency of the matter at hand and the enormous potential of revenue generation, a number of companies started this race of developing vaccine at an accelerated rate. From securing funding from research to gaining approval of regulatory authorities after clinical trials, it norm-ally takes a long time to develop a vaccine. However, owing to the great global demand and willingness of governments to provide generous funding, vaccines for COVID-19 have been developed at a much faster pace than ever before.



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