Comparative Efficacy of Triamcinolone Acetonide and Methylprednisolone along with Local Anaesthetics in the Management of Frozen Shoulder

  • Bashir Ahmed Khuhro
  • Gulshan Ali Memon
  • Abrar Ali Shaikh
  • Zafar Ali Sohal
  • Rafia Tabasum


Objective:  To study the comparative efficacy of Triamcinolone acetonide and Methylprednisolone along with local anaesthetics in the management of capsulitis of shoulder joint (frozen shoulder). Material and Methods:  Forty eight patients suffering from capsulitis of shoulder joint (frozen shoulder) were prospectively randomized into two treatment gro-ups. Three intra articular injections in to the shoulder given at six week interval by the same technique and followed up 8 weeks from the start of treatment. Clinical assessment is done by abduction, forward flexion and external rotation. Improvement in pain levels anassessed by visual analogue scale.Results:  All patents reported improvement during the study. Analysis of the mean improvement in abduction, forward flexion and external rotation, showed these to be significantly greater in the triamcinolone than with methylprednisolone in local anaesthetic. No severe complications occurred as a result of the injecttions, related to steroids or local anaesthetic.Conclusion:  Intra articular injection of triamcinolone with local anaesthetic proved useful in the management of capsulitis of shoulder, therefore recommended for the treatment of Frozen-Shoulder.Key Words:  Capsulitis of shoulder, Intraarticular injection, steroids, visual analogue scale.

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