Teacher, Scholar, Mentor, Friend: Prof. Dr. Faisal Masud


  • Syed Asghar Naqi




These are 'SAD' People; my eyes widened and I startedlistening carefully to that greatwizard of a teacher,Faisal sahib. He was teaching us “Aortic Stenosis” a condition where the heart is unable to pump blood to the body adequately, in our final year of medical college. He went on to explain what the acronym SAD meant: Syncope- Angina – Dyspnea, the main clinical features. He acted out each one of them in front of us, explaining the pathophysiology behind them and how to diagnose and manage the condition. Never before had I experienced such a performance. Years later when I got to know him closely I found out that he had acted on stage in the UK during his foundation years as a physician. He revealed this interesting piece of information about himself when we were discussing a Shakespearean drama. He told me how he learned to use his voice and other nonverbal ways to express what he meant during a conversation or a class.



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