Features of Corona Virus in Confirmed Elderly Patients in Lahore: Comparison with Young and Middle Aged


  • Muhammad Imran Hassan Khan
  • Muhammad Maqsood
  • Abdul Basit
  • Zohaib Abbas Khan




Corona, Elderly, Young and Middle Age, Featuresd


Background: It was expected that Corona will spread in Pakistan, once first case was reported in late February 2020. Data from china, Europe and USA suggested more prevalence in Elderly. We also started having rapid increase once lock down was eased. Aim: To evaluate clinical, laboratory and management parameters of Corona Virus in Elderly patients, in comparison with Young and Middle age patients. It would guide in future planning and management. Methods: It was a prospective, descriptive and crossectional study, carried out after ERC approval from 8th April to 10th May, 2020. A performa was designed for data collection on clinical, laboratory and management parameters. SPSS 23 was used, including admitted patients in different hospitals of Lahore, excluding non admitted and less than 15 years old. Results: For Clinical features, young and middle age was prevalent nine times more than elderly. Past medical history of smoking and other medical problems was common in elderly. Symptoms of fatigue, respiratory and gastrointestinal were more in young and middle aged. Severity score CURB-65 2 and 4 were common in Elderly. CT scan was more involved in elderly for single and multiple lobes, but CRP was more raised in young. Co-morbidities of Acute respiratory distress, shock and secondary infection were common in elderly, and they also received less antibiotics than young and middle age. However, deaths were only present in young. Conclusion: Corona was less common in elderly. Symptoms were more common in young, except smoking and past history, more in elderly with CURB- 65 score 2 and 4. Blood chemistries were similar, but CRP was higher in young. CT abnormalities more in elderly. Some co-morbidities were more common in elderly, and they received less antibiotics. Death was more common in young.



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Khan, M. I. H. ., Maqsood, M. ., Basit, A. ., & Khan, Z. A. . (2020). Features of Corona Virus in Confirmed Elderly Patients in Lahore: Comparison with Young and Middle Aged. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 26(Special Issue), 145-150. https://doi.org/10.21649/akemu.v26iSpecial Issue.3627