Impact on Frontline Nurses in the Fight Against Coronavirus Disease


  • Ahsan Sethi
  • Hira Shireen Aamir
  • Bilal Ahmed Sethi
  • Nasreen Ghani
  • Sundas Saboor


Challenges, Coronavirus, Disease, Healthcare, Nurses, Pandemic


Objective: The importance of nursing care is unquestionable; therefore, it is important to explore the impact of Coronavirus disease pandemic on nurses and the associated challenges. Methods: A descriptive survey of frontline nurses was carried out from April to June 2020. Participants included nurses from different specialties in public and private hospitals of Pakistan. Sample size was not predetermined. Data were simultaneously collected and analyzed until saturation was achieved. Qualitative data were thematically analyzed and refined through memo writing and team discussions. Results: Nurses (n=210) working at different stages in their careers from both public and private hospitals of Pakistan responded. The nurses felt anxious, distressed and depressed. They faced exceptional workload in resource constraint health facilities. Most of the nurses experienced an improved self-esteem and self-image in the society, while others were discouraged. Some family, academia, clinical services and public related challenges were also identified. Conclusion: For frontline nurses, the COVID-19 crisis is overwhelming. They are providing patient care at a huge personal cost, while watching their own getting infected and die. They are distressed, depressed and overworked. We need to recognize the role of nurses at the forefront and give them their long-awaited social capital as healthcare professionals in their own right. Future studies should explore the lived experiences and coping methods of nurses.



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