Immunological Response to Laparoscopic Surgery

  • A Z KHAN
Keywords: Immune response, laparoscopic surgery


Laparoscopic surgery has gained rapid acceptance based on clinical grounds. Patients benefit from faster recovery, decreased pain and quick return to normal activities. Immune and metastatic response to laparoscopy are now being evaluated in relation to the present knowledge of immune responses to traditional laparotomy and surgery in general A review of the published literature of immune and metabolic responses to laparoscopy was performed. Laparoscopic surgery is compared with traditional laparotomy on the basis of local and systemic immune responses and patterns of tumour growth. Impact of pneumoperitoneum and insufflation gases on the immune response is also reviewed. Systemic immune responses for Surgery in general may not apply to laparoscopic surgery. Body’s response to laparoscopy is one of lesser immune activation as opposed to immunosuppression.
Review Article

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