A Review of the Lower Eye Lid Tightening to Repair Ectropion.

  • C RENE
Keywords: Ectropion, lateral tarsal strip, pentagon lower lid excision


The repair of ectropion is a commonly performed procedure. Full thickness of lid excision has been used for more than a century to correct this condition1. A procedure to anchor lateral tarsus to the periorbita of the superior part of lateral orbit was first introduced by Tenzel et al. 2. Later Anderson and Gordy 3 described a simpler version of the procedure. Some of the studies published by the oculo-plastic surgeons propose that lateral tarsal strip gives better outcome. On the other hand most of the general ophthalmologists believe that lid shortening by full thickness pentagon excision is quite simple and safe. The purpose of the study was to assess and compare the outcome of the two procedures.