Antibiotic Use in Infants: A Cross-Sectional Survey Assessing the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Health Professionals

  • Attia Anwar
  • Rizwan Faisal
  • Asad Mahmood
  • Huma Naz
  • Syed Ali Sibtain
  • Laiyla Shinwari
Keywords: infants, antibiotic, knowledge, attitude, health professionals


Introduction: Antibiotic use has become very common in the Asian countries due to which the community is at risk for producing adverse effects and resistance. Various researches have proved the malprescription of antibiotic. Therefore there is a need to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of health professionals working in the community regarding the use of antibiotics.Objective: To evaluate and compare the knowledge, attitudes and practices of health professionals towards the use of antibiotic in infants.Material & Methods: In this cross-sectional study a total of 250 health professionals were approached, among which 210 responded and filled the questionnaire. Data after collection was divided and analyzed on the basis of three categories: (i) based on overall response of the health professionals (ii) based on areaof practice of the prescribers (in city & remote) and (iii) based on qualification of the prescribers (specialists, postgraduate residents, general physician & allied health staff).Results: The results of the present study shown that knowledge, attitudes and practices of the health professionals of city area regarding the prescription of antibiotics in infants was better as compared to the prescribers of remote area with significant difference of 0.001. Likewise a significant difference of 0.001was found between the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the specialists, postgraduate medical residents, general physician and allied health staff. Specialists were found to be the most knowledgeable prescribers while allied health staff were the least.Conclusion: Health professionals practicing in city areas and the ones who were more qualified i.e Specialists were much better in knowledge, attitudes and practices of prescribing antibiotics in infants.