Outcome of Parotid Gland Surgery in Terms of Complications Especially the Facial nerve Palsy at Mayo Hospital, Lahore

  • Muhammad Shahid Farooq
  • Rabia Altaf
  • Ahmed Uzair Qureshi
  • Fatima Naumeri
  • Abrar Ashraf Ali
Keywords: parotid gland, complications, size of tumor, weakness.


Objectives: Parotid gland surgery is the second most frequently performed endocrine surgery at our hospital after thyroid surgery. The objectives of our study was to see the incidence of the complications in patients especially the facial nerve weakness and palsy with respect to gland size.Methods: This is a descriptive study conducted retrospectively at South Surgical Unit, Mayo Hospital, Lahore. We operated upon 22 patients for parotid gland tumors with varying gland sizes. Results: Our study shows that 16 out of 22 patients were males and 6 were females. Around 45.5% of the patients had tumor between 3-4 cm and had the most complications and in the second group of patients 27.3% (6 patients) had complications and tumor size was more than 4 cm. The patients who had tumor size less than 3 cm virtually having negligible complications.Conclusion: The size of the parotid gland is an important predictive factor for the occurrence of complications in the parotid surgery.