Effect of Company during Academic Years on Habit of Cigarette Smoking among Doctors

  • Awais Mustafa
  • Humaira Zafar
  • Shahbano Jawad
  • Roman Akram


Abstract Objective:  To assess the effect of company during academic years on the habit of cigarette smoking. Materials and Methods:  This Cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted in130 doctors from three different hospitals of Lahore. Written consent was taken; participants were questioned about smoking habit. Data was analyzed using SPSS20. Result:  Doctors (all smokers) were questioned about smoking habits. Response rate was 100%. The greatest percentage of Doctors started smoking due to influence of friends and family (65%). Majority of them stayed in private hostels (58%) and flats (29%) during their academic years. These doctors showed greater tendency towards smoking than the doctors that stayed with their family/children (15%). Conclusion:  Our results showed a marked tendency of tobacco smoking in doctors living without their families/children in Lahore. Majorities have the smokers in their friend’s circle and had started smoking under influence of them. Doctors who lived in private flats/hostels showed increase in tobacco use than who lived in the houses. Key words:  Cigarette smoking, Hostelites, Smokers in friends and family.
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