Prevalence of Hepatitis B, C and HIV infection in blood donors of Multan region


  • Muhammad Arif Mahmood
  • Shireen Khawar
  • Abdul Hameed Anjum
  • Siraj Munir Ahmed
  • Shahid Rafiq
  • Imran Nazir
  • Muhammad Usman



Hepatitis, Viral, Human. Blood Donors. Hepatitis B Vaccines. HIV Infection. Hepatitis, Chronic. Hepatitis C. Hepatitis B. Viral Vaccines. Prevalence.


Acute and chronic viral hepatitis are common public health problems in Pakistan, and associated with serious complications. The carrier rate of HBsAg is quoted to be around 10% in general population while the prevalence of HCV in blood donors is 4.8 %. Data regarding the prevalence of hepatitis B and C virus infections among healthy blood donors is well established in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Lahore and Abbotabad areas, but similar data is not available for Multan population. Data regarding the epidemiology of HIV infection among blood donors is not available at most of the blood transfusion centers. In this study six thousands (6000) consecutive young healthy voluntary blood donors (age 16-50 years) comprising of 5476 males and 524 females, belonging to Multan region were included from "Blood Transfusion Center Nishtar Hospital Multan" & "Fatmid Blood Transfusion Center Multan" and were tested for HbsAg, Anti-HCV and HIV. Prevalence of Hepatitis B, C and HIV Infection was 3.37%, 0.27% and 0% respectively. The reported prevalence figures for HBsAg & Anti-HCV in other studies are quite variable, depending upon screening protocol, study groups selected and methodology of testing. If data from all the blood transfusion centers of Pakistan is collected and published, we can get representative prevalence values of HBV, HCV and HIV infection of the general population.



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Mahmood, M. A., Khawar, S., Anjum, A. H., Ahmed, S. M., Rafiq, S., Nazir, I., & Usman, M. (2016). Prevalence of Hepatitis B, C and HIV infection in blood donors of Multan region. Annals of King Edward Medical University, 10(4).




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