Canulated Screw Fixation for Tibial Plateau Fracture in Adults

Faheem Ahmed Memon, Abbas Memon, Mehtab Pirwani


Objective:  To determine percutaneous screw fixation (PSF) as fair treatment option for Schatzker type I, closed tibial plateau fracture in adults.

Patients and Methods:  30 male and female adults between the ages of 20 and 40 were included. Only displaced Schatzkar type I closed tibial plateau fractures without any associated injury or complication were included. Type II, III, IV, V and VI, fractures with infection, patients with other severe injuries and neurovascular compromise fractures were excluded. Patients were followed weekly for one month, every alternate week for four months, thereafter monthly for up to six months to assess range of motion, deformity, union or any other complication.

Results:  Mean healing was 11.6 weeks. Mean hospital stay was 8.4 days. The overall clinical results were excellent in 20 (66.6%), good in 8 (26.6%), fair in 2 (6.6%) cases.

Conclusion:  Percutaneous screw fixation provided

better results in close displaced type I Schatzker tibial plateau fracture in adults. It is minimally invasive and achieved articular anatomical reduction, rigid fixation and early mobilization.



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