Operating Facilities:- Suggested Guidelines to Cope COVID-19 in Third World Countries


  • Muhammad Saleem
  • Uzma Ather
  • Azka Saleem
  • Umer Saleem
  • Asif Iqbal
  • Imran Hashim
  • Muhammad Bilal Mirza
  • Nabila Talat
  • Muhammad Javaid Iqbal


Operation theater (OT), COVID-19, Heat Ventilation Air conditioning (HVAC), Negative pressure operating room


The whole world is passing through an unprecedented time during the pandemic of COVID-19. COVID- 19 has affected all of medical practices in relation to patient management, availability of resources, logistics, safety and protection of healthcare workers and off course emergency management of healthcare facilities. Although surgeons are not frontline workers but provision of emergency and urgent surgeries without knowing status of patient in relation to COVID-19 put the surgical team at risk. Moreover our operative healthcare settings are not designed to deal with paradigm of COVID 19. We are living in a 3rd world country. Our resources are scarce and our theater settings are not up to mark. This article deals with suggested changes in already existing theater facilities or creating new facilities to come up with new requirement of COVID-19.



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