Outcome of Coverage of Post Burn Palmar Hand Contractures with Glabrous Intermediate-Thickness Plantar (ITP) Skin Graft

  • Muhammad Sohail
  • Muhammad Hussain
  • Muhammad Mustehsan Bashir
  • Farid Ahmad Khan
  • Hamid Hussain Ansari
  • Sadia Nosheen Jan
  • Afzaal Bashir
  • Muhammad Imran
Keywords: Hand, Burns, Palmar defects, Plantar, Graft.


Objective: To determine the outcome of use of glabrous intermediate thickness plantar (ITP) skin graft for the coverage of defects on palmar aspect of hand after release of post burn contractures (PBC).Methods: This prospective study was completed at Department of Plastic Surgery &Burn Unit, KEMU, Mayo hospital, Lahore from 18th January 2014 to 17th December 2015. Seventy four patients of both genders with post burn contractures (PBC)on palmar aspect of hand were included. After release of PBCdefect was covered with glabrous intermediate thickness plantar (ITP) skin graft.Results: Out of 74 patients included in this study, 62% were males. Size of the defect after release of contracture was5±2cm2. Patients started walking in 2±0.5 days. Final graft take was 93±2 percent on 14th day. There was infection of graft in four patients. Patient satisfaction for color and texture match was 4±1.Donor site healed in 25±1.8 days with infection occurring in 5% patients. Hypertrophic scaring was recorded in three patients at recipient site and in four patients at donor site. Two patients developed recurrence however no walking difficulty observed at 13±1 months follow up.Conclusion: Application of intermediate thickness plantar skin graft on the palmar skin defects results in excellent graft take with acceptable color and texture match and minimal donor site morbidity.

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