Work Environment and Situational Motivation of Doctors in Public Sector Hospitals

Shama Mazahir, Shazia Khalid


Objectives:  To explore the relationship between work environment and situational motivation among doctors.

Methods:  Cross sectional research design was used and a sample of N = 100 doctors were employed through purposive sampling technique from public hospital of Lahore. Work Environment Survey and The Situational Motivation Scale were used to assess studied variables. Pearson Product moment correlation and hierarchical regression were used to analysis data.

Results:  Mean age of the participants was 33 years and mean education level was 18.38 years. Results showed that work environment has significant negative predicting relation with situational motivation of the doctors.

Conclusion:  Working environment influence doctors’ motivation level. These findings have implications in organizational and educational setting, as it helps public hospital’s administration to address problems in working environment.


Work Environment, Situational Motivation, Doctors

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